Dining and Bar


Buffet presentation at Milltown House, Dingle.

The dining, bar, and entertainment experience at Milltown House reflects the excellence and passion synonymous with food and hospitality in Dingle.

The owners and management of Milltown House are proud to support the vast array of purveyors of good food in Dingle, from the farmers market to the annual food festival. And from the great pub-food on offer to the world-class restaurants we are fortunate to share this delightful small town with.



Our co-owner Stephen McPhilemy’s first cousin Paul has been one of the most respected Chefs in Dingle for almost 20 years.

Milltown House Dingle Full Irish Breakfast in the ConservatoryMilltown House Dingle Delicious finger foodsMilltown House Dingle Delicious finger foodsMilltown House Dingle Delicious finger foodsMilltown House Dingle Elegant Robert Mitchum Bar Buffet Dinner by Chef Mike Hayes at Millton House Dingle Buffet Dinner by Chef Mike Hayes at Millton House Dingle Buffet Dinner by Chef Mike Hayes at Millton House Dingle




We offer gourmet breakfasts, prepared with care and finesse by our professional Chefs and what we like to call our ‘traditional country cooks’.

For those hungry after a fun night in town and for travelers looking to stock-up their energy reserves for the day, we offer a substantial and gourmet ‘Full Irish Breakfast’.

We proudly work with local suppliers, particularly Dingle’s artisan butcher Jerry Kennedy the Dingle Butcher. Jerry has won many awards and has kindly created a specially ‘Milltown Sausage’ for our guests – a mildly herby cumberland sausage which is getting rave reviews.

Breakfast Menu:
Buffet starters – begin your day in Dingle with a selection of:

  • Juices
  • Fruits & Yoghurt
  • Cereals
  • Coffee & a vast selection of Teas
  • Artisan Cheeses
  • Jams and Marmalades
  • and our famous home-made breads (soon to become the subject of their very own cookbook)

Special Mains (all served with toast)

Served with cinnamon/honey.

Full Irish breakfast:
Dry-cured bacon, ‘Milltown Sausages’ hand-made by Jerry Kennedy, organic tomato, Anascaul Black & White pudding, free-range eggs cooked to your liking.
Mini-Irish Breakfast:
Dry-cured bacon, ‘Milltown Sausage’ hand-made by Jerry Kennedy, and a free-range egg.
Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon:
Srinkled with some paprika and thyme on request.

Milltown House Dingle Full Irish Breakfast in the Conservatory

Full Irish Breakfast in the Conservatory














High Tea with Unparalleled Views of Dingle Harbour

Our signature culinary event in Milltown House!

For a pre-arranged fee, dependant on menu and amount of participants, we will be delighted to offer your our high-tea experience. A vast array of tasty treats including home-made breads, crepes, canopies, sandwiches, pastries and cakes. All served in the conservatory and in our reception rooms in front of the peat fire. If weather permits, we open the patio doors and erect the gazebo tents, and this informal and jovial event usually spills over out onto the lawns and patio, where there is ample seating and a view over the mountains and out onto Dingle Bay.




We offer a premium level of customer-service and hospitality at Milltown House. Our food offerings reflect the gourmet and ‘foodie’ image that Dingle has carefully cultivated. Evening dinners can be arranged by prior appointment.

Guests can get up during dinner and walk around, stretch between courses, sing, discuss anything they like in absolute privacy and discretion.

Remember, of course, that guests and groups can bring their own wine to dinner, thus paying €10 for a delicious bottle of Chablis or Pinot Noir instead of €30+ in regular restaurants.

Note: At time of writing (summer 2015) we do not operate a full-time evening restaurant service. However this is planned for 2016 along with a Ballymaloe-style cookery school, showcasing the cream of local and national celebrity chefs.

We have extensive experience of catering for groups who require evening meals. These meals are normally presented in 3 courses and can be quite elaborate affairs. For those looking for less formal arrangements and a nice simple meal to begin the evening or end the day, we will be happy to direct you to a plethora of local pubs and restaurants.

Also, Guests who arrive as a group can, by appointment, have full supervised access to our commercial kitchens where they can cook for themselves.


Our beautiful bar was hand-made in Ventry by the excellent cabinet-maker Caroline O’Connor. who is also an acclaimed set-designer for national television and theatre. She creates the magical backdrops for Dingle’s televised annual music-festival – Other Voices.

The bar is the ‘Chroi’ (‘heart’ in Irish), the central vortex of Milltown House, just like it should be in such a historic old beauty. Some might say it is a library with a bar in it, others that its a bar with a library in it.

bar, dingle, stephen mcphilemy, milltown house

Co-owner Stephen McPhilemy serving guests in the Robert Mitchum Bar, Milltown House, Dingle

Caroline O'Connor - the talented designer and architect of our beloved bar.

Caroline O’Connor – the talented designer and architect of our beloved bar.

A reoccurring feature of  our original day-dream for Milltown House was a gentle and regal Irish Wolfhound roaming the reception rooms while international guests, friends, and family could unwind in a cozy and elegant bar with a good book, or a nice coffee, or an Irish whiskey in hand. It is a place to swop stories and share laughs. RTEs’s Hotel guru, Frances Brennan, wisely cautioned Milltown House against building a bar. On national television, no less! After taking this sound advice on board, our co-owners agreed that business is not all about profits, and passion and day-dreams must also have their place.


dingle, bar, milltown house

The ‘Robert Mitchum Library-Bar’ at Milltown House, Dingle

The 'Robert Mitchum Library-Bar' at Milltown House, Dingle

The ‘Robert Mitchum Library-Bar’ at Milltown House, Dingle