Sarah Miles Room

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Above: Click on the image to take a 360° virtual tour of the room.

Named after Robert Mitchum’s co-star in Ryan’s Daughter, this room has one of the best sea views of the harbor in all of Dingle and is much sought after in online sales channels because of its historical legacy and its world-class view.

All our rooms have a ‘King Koil, Club-Class’ mattress for a truly superb and comfortable night’s sleep.

All our rooms are en-suite and have a traditional bath-tub which also has a shower.

This room has two single beds. We have invested in quality ‘topper’ mattresses, which means we can easily connect the single beds together and it becomes a very comfy king-size bed.

Guests say that they are oblivious to the fact the beds are connected. It will feel as comfortable as one bed.

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Sarah Miles

Sarah Miles was born in the small town of Ingatestone, Essex, in southeast England.
Sarah played Rosy in the leading title role of David Lean’s Ryan’s Daughter.
Her performance gained her an Oscar nomination and an Oscar win for John Mills
She recalls, “My main memory is of sitting on a hilltop in a caravan at six in the morning in the rain.”

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