Lights Out premier

Lights Out: A New Hollywood Connection for Dingle

For a small town, Dingle has no shortage of silver screen connections. In 1969 Robert Mitchum famously resided in Milltown House during the shooting of David Lean’s Ryan’s Daughter. Recently, Star Wars took over Skellig Micheal – Chewbacca even made an appearance at a local primary school (the video featuring tiny Irish star wars fans is beyond adorable!) With the annual Dingle International Film Festival on top of all that, it goes without saying that Dingle is a movie-buff’s haven. But as if this wasn’t enough, Milltown House’s co-owner Patrick Wade is now making waves in LA.

Patrick has made his Hollywood debut as co-producer of Lights Out working with Grey Matter Productions. Thanks to fellow producer, and veteran of the genre, James Wan (director of Saw) Lights Out is shaping up to be the horror movie of the year. It brought in an incredible $30 million on its opening weekend on a production cost of just $5 million. It is garnering rave reviews and amazingly it has already been announced that the team will reunite for a sequel next year.

Lights Out premier

Producer and Milltown House co-owner Patrick Wade with his sister MacKenzie at the Lights Out premier.

It is an undeniably hair-raising flick that doesn’t skimp on the scares. It feeds on the age old universal fear of the dark and adds mental illness into the mix. With an elaborate back-story and well developed characters, Lights Out is much more than your typical horror. If you’re feeling brave, take a peek at the trailer. Personally, that alone was enough to give me nightmares!

What’s Next?

Milltown House has a few exciting guests connected to the film due to stay with us in 2017. Some of them, including producer Lawrence Grey, have in fact already fallen in love with Dingle and will be making a return trip.

Look forward to a special Milltown House premier of Lights Out so our family and friends can see this super scary film that’s been the focus of our vicarious Hollywood dreams – or nightmares rather! It is a horror after all.

Lights Out hits Irish cinemas August 19th.