“Keep on Travelin’” Advice from our Friend and Travel Guru Rick Steves

In the face of what seems to be an increasingly uncertain world, Rick Steves has some interesting advice, keep on traveling.

Rick Steves has been the friend and colleague of our co-owner Stephen for over twenty years. (Click here to check out an interview with Stephen on the Rick Steves’ Europe page.)

In the wake of recent attacks in Europe, many Americans are cancelling travel plans. Rick Steves believes that we owe it to ourselves, and to the victims of all senseless attacks, not to let terrorism win by allowing ourselves to be terrorized. By traveling we form personal and lasting connecting with new people and cultures, with new ideas and perspectives. It is through travel that we realize just how small the world is and how the languages and cultures that divide us can rather serve expand and enrich our lives. Travel is the antidote to terror.

Just ask Seamus.

Seamus Rick Steves Keep on Travelin

Keep on Travelin’ – Seamus looks great in his Rick Steves shirt!

Read Rick Steves’ full blog post here.