10 Best Apps for your Irish Vacation

Ten Best Apps for Ireland

Where would we be without our smart phones? Whether it’s getting directions, finding the best places to eat, or connecting with friends, we are all pretty dependent on our little hand-held devices. Tech-savvy travelers rejoice! Here’s our list of the 10 best apps for helping you to get the most of your holiday in Ireland.

Travel Like a Local

1. National Journey Planner

Timetables are confusing and ever-changing. Just enter your location, destination and desired departure time into this handy little app. You’ll be presented with a list of ways to get there. It gathers data from rail, tram, and bus to get you from A to B with as little stress as possible.

Journey Plan App for Ireland

2. Entertainment.ie App

Movies, concerts, comedy, plays and everything in between. No matter what part of Ireland you’re in, the entertainment.ie app lets you know what’s on.

3. Official GAA App

The Gaelic Athletic Association promotes Gaelic games and Irish culture. Have you ever heard of those mythical Irish sports, hurling and Gaelic football? The Official GAA App provides users with information on upcoming matches, news, results, photos, videos, and venue information. Once you see these sports played live, you’ll be hooked.

Official GAA app for Ireland

4. Duolingo

The popular language learning app just introduced an Irish package. Over 94,000 people use the Irish language as a part of their daily lives. See if you can pick up a focal or two using this great app. There’s nothing quite like ordering a pint of Guinness as Gaeilge.

5. Wifi FinderWifi Map

Crazy data rates got you down? These two apps will help with that. Wifi Finder allows you to download an offline database of WiFi networks near wherever you’re going to be. WiFi Map is a social network of sorts in which users post passwords for networks in cafes and pubs. Both make your life much easier!

See It All

6. Official Wild Atlantic Way Guide

The Wild Atlantic Way stretches from Donegal to Kerry along the entire west coast of Ireland. This app has information on just about everything along the drive. It even has a “hidden gems” function. This sends out a notification to your phone as you approach a local treasure. Best of all, this app also works offline. So you can use it on the move without incurring roaming charges.

Wild Atlantic Way App for Ireland          Hidden Ges Official Wild Atlantic Way App

7. Destination Dingle Peninsula

An app created by Kerry City Council and supported by Failte Ireland can’t be bad! Destination Dingle Peninsula features a photo gallery, map view of nearby activities, restaurants, and accommodation, and has a link to social media updates. It even has a “My Plan” section which allows users to save their itinerary.

8. Discover Ireland Guide

This guide has up-to-date information on what’s happening all over Ireland. It also has 14,000 pre-loaded data points which can be accessed without an internet connection. The augmented reality feature is also very handy for helping to navigate large busy cities by foot.

Discover Ireland App          Discover Ireland App

9. Georgina Campbell’s Ireland Guide App

Georgina Campbell’s guide is one of the most trusted independent travel guides to Ireland. And it’s now available on-the-go! Find restaurants, tours, guesthouses and anything else you can think of.

Georgina Campbell's Guide to Ireland App

10. Ireland Green Travel

For a truly unique and eco-friendly holiday, check out the fantastic Ireland Green Travel app. It will direct you to bike-friendly public transport, the lushest hiking trails, and the best surf spots. It also features a list of green accomodation including lakeside houses, community-run hostels, and yurt camps. Author Catherine Mack is a travel writer who specializes in eco, responsible, green, and ethical tourism.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab you phone and book that trip! Ireland is waiting.